Top iOS Application Development Trends In 2018

Top IOS Application Development Trends In 2018

Any futuristic entrepreneur will understand the utter importance to stay synced to the current latest trends and technologies. It’s not just about trendy technologies but we pay close attention to new trends in iOS development and design which empowers your business to make a forever and remarkable digital footprint.

Almost any sophisticated business will need or demands an iOS application that conveys about their brand services. In order to leverage the benefits of iOS platform, businesses should study and know about the latest iOS trends in iPhone app development. Being unique with latest trends won’t just help you to give a success edge to your brand presence but even help your business to give a another level in terms of ROI.

If any mobile app development company is aware about the innovations happening in iOS will definitely showcase an array of new trends, new APIs, ultra-rich UL and great new frameworks. Innovation in the iOS platform is persistent and something you cannot stop, but the actual question to know is how these trends can boost your business.

Let’s study few trends in that helps your business to give a boost –

  • Swift – The New Star

    Swift now, is not a new word for anyone of us. If we look back to last few years, Swift the new programming language has taken over the iOS development landscape. Now the absolute iOS device ecosystem has transformed itself and is accepted and irreplaceable for business uses. Swift took birth as a programming language developed with an aim to address the scalebale and versatile requirements for apps across iOS devices. The launch latest Swift4.0 has solved various queries of developers inviting automation and delivering better scalable, user optimized apps across iOS ecosystem of devices.

  • Increase In App Revenue

    Everyone is aware about the fact that iOS apps have always got more revenue than the Android apps. iOS does not just has the highest number of paid apps in comparison to all other mobile app marketplaces but it even offers a positive environment for app purchases. So how does recent trends impact the app revenue? The latest trend conveys that the free to purchase apps accompanied with smart in-app purchase alternatives can offer better dividends to app owners. The future projection is an 25% increase for iOS free apps and that’s going to be a reality soon and hopefully we did not need to mention that these free apps will move forward to innovative in-app purchase alternatives for rendering good revenue.

  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud-based apps have now become the word of the town because of their variety of benefits given anytime, anywhere for the use and ease of access. Today whether we are talking about iOS or android, most of the apps globally for every niche depend on cloud storage for providing ease of access on any device. As using the same data or app over different devices or locations have now become mainstream, and thus cloud apps are a must now.

Being an entrepreneur you definitely want your business to be a star, so hire iOS app development Company that has excellence and trends included in their own services.



Top 5 New Features Of iOS 11

Top New Features Of iOS 11iOS 11 was released in September 2017 and it came up with a new set of features to the public. For developers it is important to check out the new features as it can help them with app development. So in this scenario it becomes inevitable to hire iOS app developer who has the best knowledge of the new app features to build new apps on iOS.

The new features offered by iOS 11 are:

  • Customizable Control Panel

Apple believes that iOS 11 will be a changing step taken for iPads and iPhones. One of the main features of iOS 11 is the new control panel and that is completely a new page which comes with shortcuts and different sections displayed. Additionally, you will also find here some other settings. You can adjust your settings as well as turn them on and off. Again, this new control panel is completely customizable and you can decide what you want to keep and remove the unused ones.

  • Multitasking Dock for iPads

Here the new iOS 11 dock will make iPads look like a Mac. The dock can now be reached simply by swiping the display bottom unlike the older times where it was only accessible from the home screen. Without much navigation you can easily switch between your favorite apps in just a few seconds. You can have up to 13 apps in the dock which means you can have your favorites ones made available at your fingertip. Moreover, the multitasking feature will allow you to access two apps at the same time and work on them simultaneously.

  • Files Application

Now users will be able to have better control over the files and can use native ‘Files’ app to modify them. Again it is a fact that you will be having complete control over the whole system as it can turn risky. When the files are stored locally on the iPhones and iPads or they are located on third-party cloud services or on the native folder, you will be able to completely manage the files. You will be able to navigate through multiple files with ease and it works like the Finder on Mac.

  • Drag and Drop

Another important feature that comes with iOS 11 is the drag and drop feature. You will be able to use it to transfer photos, videos and documents between different apps. You can even tag your favorite apps to keep them aside as important one.

  • Intelligent Siri

Everybody knows Siri is the personal voice assistant from Apple and with iOS 11 things have changed and become bigger. Siri will learn to adapt to the user preferences and habits and based on the previous experiences it will react to the questions. This means that you will be able to expect faster and precise relies as well as get anticipation about what you will be asking next. Again, the voice of Siri has been improved in iOS 11 and you will find that it sounds more realistic and natural.



Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS 11

Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS11

The latest Operating system of Apple which is iOS 11 was launched in November 2017. It had some of the completely new features that none of the previous iOS had such as AR. Along with it, Apple has also released its IDEs and programming tools for the offshore iOS of AR apps. Many companies have already started working on AR apps and outsourcing these apps can help them earn a significant revenue.

The latest Operating system of Apple which is iOS 11 was launched in November 2017. It had some of the completely new features that none of the previous iOS had such as AR. Along with it, Apple has also released its IDEs and programming tools for the offshore iOS app development. Although, the update comes with one of the most advanced features it has been proven by the users that it is not up to the mark. There are a lot of bugs that are yet to be fixed by Apple. iOS 11 as compared to iOS 10 has many advantages and disadvantages.


  • iMessage:

Compared to iOS 10, iOS 11 has got a lot improved iMessage app because now we can store and sync the messages in the iCloud app.

  • ApplePay:

With the latest update, users can now send money to anyone via iMessage app. The money can be transferred to anyone virtually via the app. Because of this online shopping becomes way easier.

  • Siri:

The voice is upgraded in Siri, and it has been made more realistic than previous one. Also, Siri can now translate into many different languages.

  • Camera and photos:

With the help of the latest machine learning algorithm and feature of “Memories,” it can automatically identify the events such as parties, anniversaries, etc.

  • Control Center:

The 3D touch has been implemented in the control center as well which was not there earlier in the iOS 10. We can even customize it from the settings.

  • Lock Screen:

The lock screen will now show blank screen by default and by downward swipe we can see all the notifications on the lock screen itself. Right swipe on the lock screen will open the camera.

  • Home Kit:

The home kit app is made to support the latest multiple point wireless speakers of Apple known as AirPlay 2. We can play multiple songs on the multiple speakers.

  • Apple Music and store:

Apple has implemented its machine learning algorithm in the Music app as well which can now identify the taste of the listener plays the songs accordingly.

  • Augmented Reality:

The special feature about Apple’s AR is that Apple is now going to provide the ARkit for the developers which will help them build the AR-based apps faster.

  • Files App:

Apple has introduced its own default Files app in iOS 11. Earlier Apple users were forced to use the third-party apps for file management.

  • Apple Pencil:

Apple pencil has its advantages when used with iPads. Any iPad with the iOS 11 updated in it can use Apple pencil which is a kind of unique stylus.


  • Only 64-bit apps work:

No 32-bit app can now work on iOS 11 as it supports only 64-bit apps.

  • Apple store:

Some of the important apps have been removed from the newly updated app store which people used on a daily basis.



Top 3 Latest iOS Application Development Trends Capable to Boost Your Business

B1_Top 3 Latest IOS Application Development Trends Capable to Boost Your Business.png

For any visionary man in business it is utmost important to stay synced and at pace with the evolving technologies. When we talk about cutting-edge technologies we not only mean gadgets but also the array of new trends in development and design that are continuously adding value to the business process or to the digital footprint of businesses.

Most sophisticated and digitally exposed business invariably wants an iOS app representing their business. To take the benefits of the iOS platform businesses need to know and incorporate the latest trends in iPhone app development. These trends apart from giving a boost to your brand presence can really help your business getting an overall facelift in terms of growth in ROI.

The technological advancement in iOS that any mobile development company is aware of will represent a wide array of new trends, new APIs, enhanced UI and great new frameworks. Such innovation in the iOS platform seems to be a relentless and natural attribute of the platform. Question is how they can give your business a boost.

Let us explain some of these trends in relation to business benefits.

  • The Emergence Of Swift:

For the past few years, Swift as the new programming language has taken over the development landscape for all iOS devices. Swift rules not only iPhone app development but the whole ecosystem of iOS apps converging and encompassing several devices and gadgets including iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Already iPad has established itself as the most popular mobile device to be used in business workplaces. The closely knit ecosystem of apps running across multiple iOS devices with full proof security measures is enough to make all iOS devices with their app ecosystem work for professional uses.

While the entire device ecosystem of iOS is becoming more acceptable and irreplaceable for business uses, Swift has been unleashed by Apple as the programming language built specifically to address these versatile and scalable needs for apps across iOS devices. The release of latest Swift 2 helped programmers delivering more compatible, scalable and user-optimized apps across the iOS ecosystem of devices.

  • A Big Boost To App Revenue:

iOS apps always have enjoyed more revenue flow than their Android counterparts. iOS apart from holding the highest number of paid apps among all the mobile app marketplaces also offer a positive environment for app purchases. While on the Android Play Store most of the apps are offered for free (at least for basic versions), iOS App Store helps its apps earn steady revenue with paid apps.

The recent trend suggests that free to purchase apps coupled up with smart in-app purchase options can really deliver good dividends to app makers. There has been a projected 25% increase for iOS free apps which is going to be a reality anytime soon and it is needless to say that majority of these apps will look forward to innovative in-app purchase options for generating revenue.

  • Cloud Apps:

Cloud-based apps continue to be popular with their distinct benefits of anytime, anywhere usability and ease of access. We have seen in the recent past that a vast majority of iOS apps across the niches depends increasingly upon cloud storage for allowing ease of access across the devices. As accessing the same contents and same apps over different devices and locations have become a common phenomenon, cloud apps are destined to be popular.

Thus, as an entrepreneur if you want to be in trend and be the shining star, it’s the peak time to hire iOS app development Company and a dedicated iOS developer.



Top 7 iOS Fitness Companion Apps

Top 7 iOS Fitness Companion Apps

Ever since the Apple has got into fitness market with its newly launched Apple watch three series the room for offshore iOS app development services has increased. These fitness companion apps are used only in iPhones. We can install these apps on iPad, but they won’t work properly as they work on iPhone. We can directly operate some of these apps in the Apple watch.

  • Apple Health:

There are a lot of third-party iOS apps that are compatible with Apple watch as well as iPhones which can count footsteps, kilometers, calories burnt, etc. But there is no other app as the original Apple health. This app can make the best use of sensors present in iPhone as well as Apple watch.

  • MyFitnessPal:

This app has a huge database of contents that are there in certain products. Therefore you can add the things that you have consumed in the day. It’ll store them and calculate your total calorie consumption in a day and advice you to workout according to that. You can also sync this app with the fitness tracker and see the results on its screen.

  • 7 Minute Workout:

This app is for the professionals who do not want to spend much time on fitness activity but still wants to remain fit and healthy. This app has plenty of workout with a total time of 7 minutes. You can set the type of exercise you want. For motivation, it also gives you the badge as and when you meet your goals and share your achievement with your friends and family.

  • Fitbit companion app:

This app only works with the Fit bit, fitness tracker. The iOS app gives you an edge that other companion apps. This app is one of the best apps of you are a hardcore fitness freak and want to schedule your workout in the day. Using this app, you can make online groups with other people in your contacts have a Fit bit device. It has got the most accurate measurement of kilometers and calories burnt.

  • Couch to 5K:

This app is the ultimate running companion app for the people who want to get ready for a 5kilometer race or want to achieve the goal of 5 kilometers run in a day. This app talks to you and cleverly tracks your style of running and gives you advice whenever needed. This app runs will iPhones and also the new Apple Watch.

  • Spotify:

This app is specially made for the people who like to listen to the music while running or to walk. This app will select the most appropriate songs according to your running tempo. It will choose the song with the most suitable beats according to the steps you take. It can also play motivational songs if while running you lose the tempo or take a break before reaching to your goal.

  • Activity Tracker:

This app tracks almost the same things that Apple health tracks. It can also track the steps you’ve climbed. This app is mostly used by the people who want to save more battery and do not like the interface of the default iOS fitness apps.