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iOS App Development Trends That Will Lead The Market in 2018

iOS App Development Trends That Will Lead The Market in 2018

If you believe in the numbers then let me tell you that the Apple Store had around 2.2 million iOS apps in the beginning of 2017. In the beginning, during July 2008, there were only 800 apps and the numbers have swelled by January 2017. This has increased the demand of iOS developers over time. Apple had paid around 86 billion dollars to developers for iOS app development and every year the number is on rise.

As iPhone app development is its growing pace it becomes important to keep up with the changing app development trends. Again, trends on Outsource iOS development keep on changing every year and they are powerful enough to affect businesses.

Some of the trends which are expected to make some better changes in 2018 are as follows. Follow them to stay updated with market –

  • Apple HomeKit

    Apple’s HomeKit is the smart home concept which helps the users to control different devices and accessories within the home and communicate on it. Users have the control to configure accessories and control them to get the desired output. Users can make use of Siri, create groups, create actions and trigger them when needed. Today more number of companies are coming up with smart home based devices which can help them to collaborate devices in a user-friendly way.

    With Apple’s HomeKit it is possible to include Apple TVs and iPads within the smart home concept. Today companies are coming up with products, which can be controlled by voice like the HomePod smart speaker from Apple. For all this to make happen you need professional help and for that you should hire iOS app developers with years of experience and expertise. As per the predictions of Canalys the global market will witness an increased usage of smart speaker by 56.3 million.

  • User-friendliness of Apple Pay will Increase

    The use of Apple Pay will increase dramatically in 2018 and this is expected to influence businesses. Apple Pay is a digital mobile wallet from Apple, which lets you to make easy payments. The best thing is that it will support different iOS devices like iPhones, iOS watches, iPad and mac laptops. Initially it had less support by US retailers but today, more than 50 per cent of the stores support it. Today, Apple Pay is considered as one of the most widely accepted mobile payment technology.

    As per the report of stat, the transactions using Apple Pay has increased by 500%. Apple Pay is easy to implement and use for developers. The app is very secure and you don’t have to store in debit or credit card details in it.

  • Cloud-based Applications

    iOS developers are now coming up with apps that are cloud driven. The improvements in cloud technology have made it easy to collect data without having to use phone memory. It is said that in the future majority of the apps will be cloud driven. Again, such devices will be the solution for security where BYOD is prevalent. Companies always have the fear of losing data from the devices of employees and with cloud technology, they can be sure that the data is secure and well protected.

  • Siri and Artificial Intelligence

    The personal assistant of Apple, Siri, has become popular worldwide. It has brought about important changes in contextual learning and Artificial Intelligence as it has the understanding of what people want and what they are searching on the internet.

  • The front seat will be taken by IoT Powered Apps

    IoT has become a trend today and with each passing day its prominence is increasing. The profits, revenues and investments from IoT is increasing at an amazing speed. The developers are doing their best through iOS development of such apps which are capable of communicating with devices which are connected over internet.

    The companies offering IoT solutions are working on to offer sophisticated and robust products to the users, iOS developers are playing their part by coming up with value-adding apps which can help the users make the best use of IoT. In 2018, developers will definitely focus on the secure exchange of information on IoT devices over Wi-Fi network and recognition of digital signals from the sensors which are fitted on such devices.

  • Core Machine Learning

    In case of iOS application development, core machine learning a widely discussed topic. It is nothing but, the machine learning framework which has been launched by Apple, which has been carrying out work that is related to Siri, QuickType or Camera.

    Core Machine Learning with its robust library is capable to offer communication to different iOS devices. Apart from that, you can use it for developing games powered by AI and for understanding face detection. Highly interactive iOS apps will be developed by the developers.

  • ArKit and Augmented Reality

    There has been a shift in focus towards ArKit with the launch of iOS 11 and 11.3. Using AR, developers will be able to develop iOS apps for mobile devices, which will be based on virtual reality and 3D. Apart from that the ArKit is supposed to get better support from the Sumerian application platform of Amazon. A number of businesses are looking on making money from ArKit after Amazon collaborated with Apple. This means that in 2018 there are more chances to explore AR and VR apps.

  • Introduction of Swift 4

    Apple came up with Swift few years back and soon people realized that it is the fastest growing programming language. Because of the robustness and adaptability it offers it has managed to become quite popular among the iOS community. iOS developers depend on Swift for iOS apps as the apps thus build consume less memory on the device and is faster. In 2018, Swift 4 is expected to come up with some amazing apps for the iOS users which can simplify their app experience.

Trends will keep changing and will bring something new always. Things are same with iOS app development. With the new trends will come new possibilities which will take iOS apps to the next level.