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Top iOS 11 Features that Matters The Most for Developers

Top iOS 11 features that matters the most for developers

The new iOS 11 has got many features some of them are annoying while some have improved the experience of users to a great extent. Some of the features might not be good for the user while best for the iOS app developers.

Below mentioned are some of the features that are good for iOS app development firms ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies :

  • Natural Language Processing

    The major focus in iOS 11 was on machine learning algorithms. Voice commands were already one of the greatest features of iOS which Apple has improved even further. With this increase in intelligence now it can detect the expressions that are hidden behind the words and also address it like a human being. The latest update can also detect the language and automatically translate into our native language or the language that we want. This unique feature of iOS 11 can be used by the iOS app developers to create the iOS app for various applications.

  • SiriKit

    SiriKit launched with the launch of iOS 10 was not up to the mark also, it wasn’t opensource for every iOS app developer. But the new SiriKit of iOS 11 is fully opensource, and developers can play with it as much as they want. This Kit is so fluid that one can link it to any app and make a unique app for themselves. For example, we can integrate the Siri voice commands library into an app and soon after that app will become operable with our voice. Along with taking pictures, videos and playing music now, we can also pay our bills by our voice.

  • Barcode Recognition

    Nowadays QR codes and Barcodes are getting more famous when it comes to sharing of links, websites, and apps. Earlier iOS didn’t have the default support to scan QR code, but now there is no need to download any extra app to scan such codes. iPhone cameras are now capable of scanning Barcodes and QR codes automatically.

  • Face Detection and Tracking

    A completely new feature is introduced in iPhone X for which Apple has invested heavily in the hardware. This feature has given iOS app developers many ideas which can be implemented in different ways. Apple has already given an example of how developers can use this feature for different applications by providing the feature of talking and live emoji.

  • Object Tracking or Recognition

    Using latest OS real-time object detection has become possible. iOS app developers can design apps which can detect an object such as food items or musical instrument or breed of any cat and dogs, etc. This is a huge breakthrough by which it has entered into competition with Google’s Image search.