Top 5 New Features Of iOS 11

Top New Features Of iOS 11iOS 11 was released in September 2017 and it came up with a new set of features to the public. For developers it is important to check out the new features as it can help them with app development. So in this scenario it becomes inevitable to hire iOS app developer who has the best knowledge of the new app features to build new apps on iOS.

The new features offered by iOS 11 are:

  • Customizable Control Panel

Apple believes that iOS 11 will be a changing step taken for iPads and iPhones. One of the main features of iOS 11 is the new control panel and that is completely a new page which comes with shortcuts and different sections displayed. Additionally, you will also find here some other settings. You can adjust your settings as well as turn them on and off. Again, this new control panel is completely customizable and you can decide what you want to keep and remove the unused ones.

  • Multitasking Dock for iPads

Here the new iOS 11 dock will make iPads look like a Mac. The dock can now be reached simply by swiping the display bottom unlike the older times where it was only accessible from the home screen. Without much navigation you can easily switch between your favorite apps in just a few seconds. You can have up to 13 apps in the dock which means you can have your favorites ones made available at your fingertip. Moreover, the multitasking feature will allow you to access two apps at the same time and work on them simultaneously.

  • Files Application

Now users will be able to have better control over the files and can use native ‘Files’ app to modify them. Again it is a fact that you will be having complete control over the whole system as it can turn risky. When the files are stored locally on the iPhones and iPads or they are located on third-party cloud services or on the native folder, you will be able to completely manage the files. You will be able to navigate through multiple files with ease and it works like the Finder on Mac.

  • Drag and Drop

Another important feature that comes with iOS 11 is the drag and drop feature. You will be able to use it to transfer photos, videos and documents between different apps. You can even tag your favorite apps to keep them aside as important one.

  • Intelligent Siri

Everybody knows Siri is the personal voice assistant from Apple and with iOS 11 things have changed and become bigger. Siri will learn to adapt to the user preferences and habits and based on the previous experiences it will react to the questions. This means that you will be able to expect faster and precise relies as well as get anticipation about what you will be asking next. Again, the voice of Siri has been improved in iOS 11 and you will find that it sounds more realistic and natural.



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