Top 3 Latest iOS Application Development Trends Capable to Boost Your Business

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For any visionary man in business it is utmost important to stay synced and at pace with the evolving technologies. When we talk about cutting-edge technologies we not only mean gadgets but also the array of new trends in development and design that are continuously adding value to the business process or to the digital footprint of businesses.

Most sophisticated and digitally exposed business invariably wants an iOS app representing their business. To take the benefits of the iOS platform businesses need to know and incorporate the latest trends in iPhone app development. These trends apart from giving a boost to your brand presence can really help your business getting an overall facelift in terms of growth in ROI.

The technological advancement in iOS that any mobile development company is aware of will represent a wide array of new trends, new APIs, enhanced UI and great new frameworks. Such innovation in the iOS platform seems to be a relentless and natural attribute of the platform. Question is how they can give your business a boost.

Let us explain some of these trends in relation to business benefits.

  • The Emergence Of Swift:

For the past few years, Swift as the new programming language has taken over the development landscape for all iOS devices. Swift rules not only iPhone app development but the whole ecosystem of iOS apps converging and encompassing several devices and gadgets including iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Already iPad has established itself as the most popular mobile device to be used in business workplaces. The closely knit ecosystem of apps running across multiple iOS devices with full proof security measures is enough to make all iOS devices with their app ecosystem work for professional uses.

While the entire device ecosystem of iOS is becoming more acceptable and irreplaceable for business uses, Swift has been unleashed by Apple as the programming language built specifically to address these versatile and scalable needs for apps across iOS devices. The release of latest Swift 2 helped programmers delivering more compatible, scalable and user-optimized apps across the iOS ecosystem of devices.

  • A Big Boost To App Revenue:

iOS apps always have enjoyed more revenue flow than their Android counterparts. iOS apart from holding the highest number of paid apps among all the mobile app marketplaces also offer a positive environment for app purchases. While on the Android Play Store most of the apps are offered for free (at least for basic versions), iOS App Store helps its apps earn steady revenue with paid apps.

The recent trend suggests that free to purchase apps coupled up with smart in-app purchase options can really deliver good dividends to app makers. There has been a projected 25% increase for iOS free apps which is going to be a reality anytime soon and it is needless to say that majority of these apps will look forward to innovative in-app purchase options for generating revenue.

  • Cloud Apps:

Cloud-based apps continue to be popular with their distinct benefits of anytime, anywhere usability and ease of access. We have seen in the recent past that a vast majority of iOS apps across the niches depends increasingly upon cloud storage for allowing ease of access across the devices. As accessing the same contents and same apps over different devices and locations have become a common phenomenon, cloud apps are destined to be popular.

Thus, as an entrepreneur if you want to be in trend and be the shining star, it’s the peak time to hire iOS app development Company and a dedicated iOS developer.



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