Top 7 iOS Fitness Companion Apps

Top 7 iOS Fitness Companion Apps

Ever since the Apple has got into fitness market with its newly launched Apple watch three series the room for offshore iOS app development services┬áhas increased. These fitness companion apps are used only in iPhones. We can install these apps on iPad, but they won’t work properly as they work on iPhone. We can directly operate some of these apps in the Apple watch.

  • Apple Health:

There are a lot of third-party iOS apps that are compatible with Apple watch as well as iPhones which can count footsteps, kilometers, calories burnt, etc. But there is no other app as the original Apple health. This app can make the best use of sensors present in iPhone as well as Apple watch.

  • MyFitnessPal:

This app has a huge database of contents that are there in certain products. Therefore you can add the things that you have consumed in the day. It’ll store them and calculate your total calorie consumption in a day and advice you to workout according to that. You can also sync this app with the fitness tracker and see the results on its screen.

  • 7 Minute Workout:

This app is for the professionals who do not want to spend much time on fitness activity but still wants to remain fit and healthy. This app has plenty of workout with a total time of 7 minutes. You can set the type of exercise you want. For motivation, it also gives you the badge as and when you meet your goals and share your achievement with your friends and family.

  • Fitbit companion app:

This app only works with the Fit bit, fitness tracker. The iOS app gives you an edge that other companion apps. This app is one of the best apps of you are a hardcore fitness freak and want to schedule your workout in the day. Using this app, you can make online groups with other people in your contacts have a Fit bit device. It has got the most accurate measurement of kilometers and calories burnt.

  • Couch to 5K:

This app is the ultimate running companion app for the people who want to get ready for a 5kilometer race or want to achieve the goal of 5 kilometers run in a day. This app talks to you and cleverly tracks your style of running and gives you advice whenever needed. This app runs will iPhones and also the new Apple Watch.

  • Spotify:

This app is specially made for the people who like to listen to the music while running or to walk. This app will select the most appropriate songs according to your running tempo. It will choose the song with the most suitable beats according to the steps you take. It can also play motivational songs if while running you lose the tempo or take a break before reaching to your goal.

  • Activity Tracker:

This app tracks almost the same things that Apple health tracks. It can also track the steps you’ve climbed. This app is mostly used by the people who want to save more battery and do not like the interface of the default iOS fitness apps.